About Us


Dear friend,

My name is Madam Otiko Afisa Djaba and together with my leadership team, members of the Womens Wing and the New Patriotic party of Ghana, we welcome you to this web page that will help us to interact and to make our works made known to you.

The Womens Wing is the unit of the New Patriotic Party that sees to everything about the women of the political party and the nation Ghana, from young girls through teen girls, young female adults and any demography in the feminine side of life.

Every program we do is geared towards young women older women growth and development.

We anticipate being one of the leading womens group in Africa by the year 2020 because of the programs we organise for women and the culture we live.

We are glad you made this visit. Kindly like and follow us on our various social media platforms. Come back later for new update.


The Women’s Wing projections for the 2017 year are:

  • Training Programs for tertiaries and para tertiary institutions: career guidance, entrepreneurship,
  • Entrepreneurship Training Programs for our rural and urban community women
  • Social events for Women
  • Partnership with continental and international programs and events targeted at women